Hello! My name is Sandy Howard, I was born in 1990 and I live with Linda, Aileen, and John. And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusions, I am a tom-cat - Sandy is short for Alexander, NOT Sandra! You can tell how masculine I am from my picture anyway...

Handsome, aren't I? : )

As all cats, my favourite hobbies are eating and sleeping. My favourite food is 'Duck and Heart', and I've found that radiators are ideal for a mid-winter snooze. I also love doing all the things humans really hate - like I always show my affection by rubbing 'round people's legs - especially when they're wearing black.

I've never quite understood humans - they can be fooled so easily! For example, in the past I have managed to get two breakfasts - it's easy when you know how! You just put on a sorrowful voice, fluff out your whiskers and they take pity on you. I can really wind John 'round my little paw - he never fails to give in!

Another strange habit humans have is taking photographs, and naturally they always look for beautiful subjects to photograph. That means me! Take a look at some marvellous pictures of myself here. You won't be disappointed, I can tell you!

If you have any other observations of bizarre human behaviour, feel free to email me about them!

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